Voice Logger

Voice logger is a multi-channel voice recording solution that records the analog, digital lines. The product helps in improving customer service by enabling your support staff and supervisors to review the actual telephone conversation with your customer ensuring that you can immediately address pending issues quickly and fairly.
The call monitoring can be done locally or remotely by means of a browser-enabled interface that allows you to listen to live or recorded calls from anywhere in the world. Voice logs can be used to implement performance reviews, perform self-appraisal and can be used to train customer support staff to handle calls in difficult situations.

  • Unified architecture with remote access, centralised management and multi-login facility
  • Easily integrates with existing telephony to record multiple channels
  • Real-time call status information display and snoop capability
  • Caller/called id, time, duration, status and much more with daily, weekly, monthly,
  • date-wise reports and e-mail facility
  • Call alert popup/notification window with real-time updation
  • Export call reports in HTML/Excel format
  • Backup to CD/DVD/hard disk or .zip files for later restoration
  • Automatic scheduled backup of recorded files
  • Low disk space notification and board failure alerts
  • Graphical charts for statistical analysis
  • Call record commenting and custom tag creation for critical calls
  • Phone book integration for informative call records
  • Audio compression to PCM/GSM formats
  • ActiveX based advanced audio player with AGC and DTMF mute capability
  • Export audio files to MP3/PCM/GSM formats
  • System failure information with error reports and information on user session
  • Simple search using phone numbers/comments/duration/date etc. and advanced
  • search using multiple criterion
  • Wave encryption with detailed call tagging
  • Audio recording with excellent sound quality

Product Availability with the following slots:

  1. Analog – 2 Port DX
  2. Analog – 4 Port DX (Recommended for small business)
  3. Analog – 8 Port DX (Recommended for medium business)
  4. Analog – 12 Port DX
  5. Analog – 16 Port DX
  6. Digital Trunk (Single ISDN PRI)
  7. Digital Trunk (Dual ISDN PRI)
  8. Digital Extension (8 Port)
  9. Digital Extension (16 Port)
  10. Digital Extension (24 Port) (Recommended for industrial solution)